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About Dr. max haskett 

    For more than 50 years, Dr. Max Haskett, D. Min. has been in a ministry of serving others.  For the past 35 years, he has been in a marriage and family therapy practice, with a specialty of dealing with clients who struggle with issues of trauma.  Gradually, over thousands of hours with clients, Dr. Haskett has arrived at the professional opinion that many (a number greater than half) can be helped with the understanding that is now widely accessible. It hasn’t always been this way.

    Now, it is Dr. Haskett’s opinion that a clarifying difference between what he calls “trauma habits” and “trauma bonds” leads to greater accuracy in guiding persons to heal. Trauma bonds are more difficult to heal than trauma habits, according to Dr. Haskett.


    Dr. Haskett believes that persons who suffer from the effects of trauma in their lives can now assess for themselves, or with the help of others if needed, the level of the impact of trauma on their lives. Assessment is key to the identification of trauma habits versus trauma bonds. Many tools are immediately available to those who are caught within trauma habits. However unpleasant, trauma habits are more manageable than trauma bonds. Informed support, discipline and safe accountability are key tools for recovery from trauma habits.

    For the person whose struggle has been assessed at the level of trauma bonds, their support is best addressed by the training and skills of an experienced psychotherapist. 

    The in-depth section helps to address these differences in far more detail than we can address on the public side.  However, even the awareness of this can be helpful to those searching for answers. Many people can come to a sense of the differences between trauma habits and trauma bonds. With safe accountability, trauma habits can be addressed by “just working harder and smarter,” but trauma bonds cannot be released simply by working harder and smarter. 

    Dr. Haskett has poured what he has learned into the In-Depth Area part of this site, essentially making available as much as he can, the important information he has learned over the past 35 years.  You can learn from Dr. Haskett for a monthly fee of only $5 per month! And you can join the in-depth section for as little as one month.

    While no one can fully predict the progress of the human journey toward healing and good health, there are advances in the field of professional guidance that have improved so much in the past 35 years that good information is available from many resources. 

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