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Parental - Child Needs Help
child needs help

    My name is Max Haskett. Thank you for wanting to take care of your child. I guess we first need to know what kind of help your child needs. If your child is in life threatening crisis, you need to call 911 for immediate help. If your child needs medical care, call 911 or your medical doctor or go to a hospital's emergency room. If your child needs emotional care or support, maybe you need to call for a family counselor or a child's counselor. Maybe you could talk to someone at your child's school. There is lots of really good information available about parenting. Maybe you might want to check out some of these sites:

Also check out:  

Parental - Child Sex Abuse
child has been sexually abused

    My name is Max Haskett and I am so very sad your child has been sexually abused. I am a marriage and family therapist that has specialized in helping people heal from being sexually abused. Today, specially trained therapists can be very skilled at helping your child. As a parent you will also want to get some very specific guidance about helping your child deal with this experience. Keep your child safe while you seek one of these specialist. Here are some possible places to start. 

Go here to obtain information about seeing a CSAT Therapist. You will also find useful information at the following locations:


Parental - Destructive Private Life
a destructive private life

    Please seek immediate help! I don’t know if you first need to call a lawyer, or call a therapist. One that has strong levels of confidentiality? But, maybe one of those two options might be a place to start. Secondly, you might have a very trustworthy friend that can help you figure out what to do. Hopefully, the “danger” you are in is not quite so serious that you need an immediate lawyer. In that case, maybe you need to get to that experienced therapist as soon as you can. I also recommend that you go to one of the many 12-step groups. We have listed many of them for you here.

Parental - Marital Problems
marital or relational problems

    Thank you for clicking on this topic. It takes courage to begin a discussion like this. My name is Max Haskett and I want to see if I can help you find a better way to live that includes you having a "better" experience with relationships. I can only get started here with some very basic concepts, but it is a place to begin. I will try to give you some general guidance that can take you to additional sites with more precise information that might help you guide your life. Thanks for starting this journey toward better relationships. 

    I found it very confusing to try to "grow up". I didn't know how, and I didn't have enough mentors or realistic information. That is probably why I studied and stayed as a marriage and family therapist for  30 years. I have listened to a lot of guys and ladies searching for their health. I hope you will let me and others help you too. If you want to, I invite you to click on statements about what is "healthy" and "un-healthy" below. After that you can assess whether you want to click on some other links to find other information about how to get the "healthy" stuff, and work toward avoiding the "un-healthy" stuff. Click here to jump to the links.

Parental - Issues With Sexting
issues with sexting

    Sexting" is the term being used to describe a person using their own cell phone to take a picture of their own nakedness and using that same phone to send that self picture of their own partial or full nakedness to some other person. 

     At this time, it is more commonly understood to be younger teens or pre-teens doing "sexting", even though persons of all ages seem to also be doing this activity. It is understood that "sexting" falls within the definition of pornography as the sending of nudity through the public air-waves, and across state lines, which makes it a Federal illegal offense. 

     This is a serious topic for parents, because it has to do with the "safety" and "protection" of your children. The topic of guiding your child into healthy sexuality is a primary topic and responsibility of every parent. It is also a very difficult one for most of us. The old style of "just let the kid discover it his or her self" is a serious mistake in our day and time. "Sexting" is a significantly new distructive dimension to this topic. "Sexting" is bringing serously distorted concepts into the emotional selves of our young people. "Sexting" is such a quantum leap of danger for our teens, that a educated parental and community-based response is needed for a complete solution.

     For further information as a parent, please be sure to visit our solution on pornography in the in-depth section.  Also, check out, Parent Handbook, page 31.

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