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Personal - Relationship Issues
relationship issues

    It takes courage to begin a discussion like this. My name is Max Haskett and I want to see if I can help you find a better way to live that includes you having a "better" experience with relationships. I can only get started here with some very basic concepts, but it is a place to begin. I will try to give you some general guidance that can take you to additional sites with more precise information that might help you guide your life. Thanks for starting this journey toward better relationships.

    As a white guy, I found it very confusing to "grow up". I didn't know how, and I didn't have very many mentors and certainly not enough good and realistic information. If you want to, I invite you to click the link below that will take you to "healthy" and "unhealthy". After that you can assess whether you want to click on any other links to find other information about how to get the "healthy" stuff, and work toward avoiding the "unhealthy" stuff. Click here to jump to the links.

Personal - Loneliness

    Being lonely is a tough place to be. Humans are built to desire community and others. Alone is painful and tough. It is hard to keep our thinking straight, just by our own thinking. My name is Max Haskett, and I have lived a lot of that pain of alone, sometimes even in the midst of relationships and crowds. 

    It is an act of courage and wisdom for you to be asking this question about how to move beyond lonely. I call it wisdom because the very act of asking is the beginning of learning a better way. Probably, one of the first things you might need to know is that for some people, guys as well as ladies, they have difficulties relating due to events that were painful earlier in their lives. Sometimes, some of that pain gets into our subconscious and that alone keeps us scared - scared to be ourselves - when we are with people we want to be with. 

    It is like asking, "Who is inside me making me mess up around so and so, especially someone that I like a lot?" At other times, we just don’t know what to do. It is a "not knowing" thing that is our difficulty. So either way, we need to learn things. Learning stuff we don’t know may be easier than unlearning some old pain. Old pain is difficult and we might need someone professional to help us get that done. But let me point you to a set of questions about healthy and unhealthy. See what you might learn and what to do with that new information. Click here to jump to the links.

Personal - Resentment
resentment from caregiving

    Sometimes, we get into thinking that love and being mature is about “taking care of others”. My name is Max Haskett, and I certainly did that, and way too much.  I “over did” the taking care of others - to such an overkill level that I forgot, even didn’t know that I needed, to also take care of Max. Wow, what a discovery that was. I am to take care of me - who would have thought of that?  

    The result, of course, was that I was angry and resentful - and didn’t know why I was so angry and upset. How to fix the problem is not as easy as reading some literature, but reading and learning are great places to start. I have built these topics as a place to begin. If you want to, click on the links below to go to see the difference between some ideas about what is “healthy” and what is “not healthy”, especially when it comes to taking sufficient care for yourself. Quality self care is one critical way to stop feeling so angry and resentful. 

    You might have reasons for being so angry. Maybe someone can help you discover those reasons and help you get free of them. Thanks for starting a healing path. Click here to jump to the links.

Personal - Destructive Life
A Destructive private life

We recommend that you review the list of "Max Endorsed CSAT Therapists". They can help you find quality attorneys and other professionals who you might need. Click here to see CSAT Therapists now.

Personal - Sexual Confusion
sexual confusion

    Thank you for your courage to click on this box. My name is Max Haskett, and I had to do a lot of searching about my sexual life.  Being sexually abused at age 4, put a lot of confusion into my life and it was not easy to sort it all out.  

    Now-a-days, thank God, it is a lot easier to get answers to such questions. Nashville, has a number of quality resources for such searching. I have made a list of many of those quality resources. Keep up your courage. Today, there is much hope for serenity.  Click here to jump to the links.

Personal - Sexual Abuse
sexual abuse

    My name is Max Haskett, and I say YES, YES, YES. In our day and time, you can find much healing for having been forced to be sexually abused. There is much information and many resources for persons having been sexually violated. I was, and I have found a way out of my pain. Learning is one great way to begin. Getting some excellent, experienced, quality therapy is another great way to heal. I want to help you find some of these resources in the Nashville area. I support your courage to care for yourself as you seek your healing. Click here to jump to the links.

Personal - Abusive Partner
abusive partner

Thank you for your courage to click on this box. Happy relationships are difficult enough, but when one of the partners / spouse is doing activities that result in physical or emotional harm, the situation has become very seriously different and may need one of several serious solutions.

First, some questions: Are you safe? Are there children in your protection? The more non-safe you or the children are, the more the need is for more immediate and strong solutions of safety are needed. Let's get you some immediate help, and a bit later, let's see if you can get some more basic counseling help for the longer term solutions. 

We recommend that you click on the list below of "Max Endorsed CSAT Therapists". They can help you find quality attorneys and other professionals that you might need. Click here to go CSAT Therapists now.

Sometimes people ask, "How did I get here? And what self care have I not done?" Sometimes people discover they were raised in families with "poor boundaries," or with not enough respect for each family member. Choices sometimes get confusing. Sometimes it is hard to know when and how to get things to be more respected. 

Special counselors and therapists can help you get these topics more clear. You and/or your children can be treated with more respect and safety. Click here to read more about some ideas about healthy and unhealthy, and how to find a quality therapist to help. Again, thanks for your courage to read these ideas.

Personal - Cheating Partner
cheating partner

Whether as a guy or as a woman, it is painful to learn that your partner has been unfaithful. Maybe there is still mystery. Maybe you already know a lot of the details.  Either way, it is probably time to seek some guidance from a counselor that is especially trained to help in this situation. I have made a list of some quality counselors that you might consider. Maybe you just want some information about your situation. I have listed some links for you to consider below. 

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